4 Reasons To Hire A Small Personal Injury Law Firm

small-law-firmIn Texas, we are known for being big: a big state, big trucks, big barbecue, and big state pride. But when it comes to choosing a Texas law firm, bigger isn’t always better.

Although it varies by personal preference and your individual case, there are many advantages to working with a small law firm.

Here are four reasons to hire a small personal injury firm rather than a large firm.


1. Higher Level of Attention

Many large firms may tout their success, number of attorneys and resources; however, at a large firm, it’s easy to be overlooked as a client. You also are more likely to meet with the lawyer’s support staff.

While it’s a good sign a firm is busy, you do not want to be just a number. You deserve individualized attention, and the support and accessibility of a lawyer that cares about the success of your case.


2. Better Communications

When working with a large personal injury firm, you may struggle to contact your lawyer with ease. Not only may you be shuffled off to support staff, but you may find yourself with an indirect office line and the email of a legal aide.

Dependable communication is key to the success of your case. Of course, you may not be your lawyer’s only client, especially if you hire a large firm. However, your lawyer should respond to your calls and emails in a timely manner.


3. A Dedicated Lawyer

At a large firm, it’s not uncommon for cases to be passed around to different attorneys at different stages. If you hire a small firm, a single dedicated lawyer or a select group of lawyers are more likely to handle your case.

When working with a small law firm, you and your legal team come to know each other on a more personal level, which will motivate them more to fight for your victory.


4. Community Relationships

Although a large law firm may be more well known, they may lack the relationships and networks in your community. It’s important for law firms to foster strong connections with area judges, district attorneys and prosecutors.

These key relationships may help you get the justice you seek.

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