5 Tips To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents This Winter

Woman with umbrella avoids personal injury by walking on sidewalkTips From A Personal Injury Lawyer To Stay Save During The Winter

Just like motorists, pedestrians should take extra care in the colder months. Winter weather poses more hazards, such as icy roads, slippery sidewalks and early sunsets, which results in more pedestrian accidents.

Here are five tips for preventing pedestrian accidents in the winter.


1. Walk On Sidewalks

In the winter, roadways slick with ice and snow can cause cars to slip and crash into traffic. It’s safest for pedestrians to stay on the sidewalks rather than walking on the roads. However, if you must walk in an area without sidewalks or they are impassable due to poor weather, walk facing traffic and stay close to the curb.


2. Wear Bright, Reflective Clothing

More than 5,000 pedestrian accidents occur every year, and the majority of them happen after dark. Always wear bright, reflective clothing when walking in the dark. There is a variety of affordable gear you can purchase, such as reflective vests, jackets, hats and boots. In addition, wear proper shoes. If there are ice and snow on the sidewalks and roadways, wear sturdy boots with good traction. For extra precaution, add a pair of ice and snow cleats to your shoes.



3. Stay Near Lights

In addition to wearing bright, reflective clothing, walk on well-lit sidewalks and pathways. You will be able to see cars better, as well as cyclists and other pedestrians.


4. Keep Vision Clear

When it’s cold outside, it’s important to bundle up. However, do not block your vision with a hat, hood, scarf or face mask. You need to be able to see clearly ahead and to your sides.


5. Check Walking Conditions

Sidewalks and walkways should be treated in wintry conditions. However, sidewalks may not be cleared for several hours after a storm. Even if sidewalks appear clear, there may still be a layer of ice or puddles. Walk slowly and carefully.

Pedestrian accidents in the winter are common, even in Texas where we have relatively mild winters. They can be especially tragic and result in long-term consequences that will affect you the rest of your life.

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