4 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Lawyer

You’ve been in an accident. Whether it was a car accident, motorcycle accident, or slip and fall accident, you likely suffered an injury or property damage. You now need a qualified lawyer to represent you. However, there’s a sea of lawyers out there. How are you supposed to find the right one? After you have … Continued

When To Sue After A Slip & Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you may think. Slip and falls range from minor, albeit embarrassing tumbles to serious accidents that lead to severe sprains and broken bones. Although the elderly are at greater risk for slip and fall accidents, no one is immune to them. Every day, people fall down stairs … Continued

What To Know About Drunk Driving In Texas

Nearly every 20 minutes, someone in Texas is injured or killed because of a car accident involving alcohol. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, you are probably experiencing a flood of pain and emotion. In addition to being injured, your car was likely damaged, and you may be out of work. … Continued

How to Prepare For A Personal Injury Consultation

Filing a personal injury lawsuit might not be the first activity that comes to mind in the seconds after an accident, but time is an important factor in civil lawsuits. One of the best ways to decide if you should file a lawsuit is to arrange for a consultation with a personal injury attorney. You … Continued

4 Common Holiday Hazards & How To Avoid Them

Tips From An Injury Attorney The holidays are full of joy, memories and fellowship. They are a time to celebrate with friends and family. However, holiday accidents and injuries are common. From rushing to arrive at Christmas dinner at your parents on time to getting distracted while frying the turkey, accidents happen. And they can … Continued

5 Tips To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents This Winter

Tips From A Personal Injury Lawyer To Stay Save During The Winter Just like motorists, pedestrians should take extra care in the colder months. Winter weather poses more hazards, such as icy roads, slippery sidewalks and early sunsets, which results in more pedestrian accidents. Here are five tips for preventing pedestrian accidents in the winter. … Continued

10 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Fall

The hot days of summer are still among us, but there’s a certain crispness in the air that hints fall isn’t too far away. Before the leaves begin to fall, it’s wise to begin prepping your car for autumn’s unpredictable road conditions. Check out our free infographic for 10 tips to get your car ready … Continued

7 Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Does it seem like you can’t go a week without reading about a motorcycle accident in Texas? Texas ranks third in the country for motorcycle registrations, according to Motorcycleroads.com. It’s no wonder that so many Texans want to ride their motorcycles throughout our state. The Lone Star State is full of beautiful routes that are … Continued

Texas Pedestrian Laws: Avoiding Personal Injury

It’s been more than 15 years since Texas has had a day without a single traffic fatality. On average, someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident every two-and-a-half hours and injured every two minutes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Just last year, the National Safety Council released its 2015 review of traffic … Continued

Can I Sue If Poor Road Conditions Caused My Car Accident?

When you begin to determine who’s at fault for a car accident, your first thought may be another driver. But what about the road you were driving on? Poor road conditions, lack of maintenance, hazardous construction, or faulty road design can also be to blame for a car accident. A pothole, missing road work sign … Continued