Texas Pedestrian Laws: Avoiding Personal Injury

It’s been more than 15 years since Texas has had a day without a single traffic fatality. On average, someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident every two-and-a-half hours and injured every two minutes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Just last year, the National Safety Council released its 2015 review of traffic … Continued

Can I Sue If Poor Road Conditions Caused My Car Accident?

When you begin to determine who’s at fault for a car accident, your first thought may be another driver. But what about the road you were driving on? Poor road conditions, lack of maintenance, hazardous construction, or faulty road design can also be to blame for a car accident. A pothole, missing road work sign … Continued

Avoid a DWI: Have A Fun & Safe Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July! We hope everyone is enjoying their day off or a long weekend with their family and friends as we celebrate our wonderful country’s freedom! As we celebrate this Fourth of July weekend, enjoy good company and good food, let’s remember to be safe, too. Car Accidents and DWIs Prevalent this Holiday … Continued

Are You Guilty Of Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving – as a motorist, this is most likely something you witness on a daily basis. Whether you are commuting to work, dropping your child off at school or simply running errands, you have seen aggressive driving. But are you guilty of it yourself?   What Is Aggressive Driving? A recent study conducted by … Continued

5 Common Questions About Personal Injury Claims

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim after an accident, your mind is most likely buzzing with dozens of questions, from how much is this going to cost to what am I supposed to say to the insurance company. At The VanDeLoo Firm, we receive a number of frequently asked questions about personal … Continued

Is It Better To Settle My Personal Injury Case Or Go To Trial?

If you have been injured at the fault of another person, you may suffer more than just bodily harm. You may suffer financial and economic losses, too. From car accidents and motorcycle accidents to slips and falls to pedestrian accidents, personal injury claims can be painful in many aspects. There are certain Texas laws that … Continued

4 Reasons To Hire A Small Personal Injury Law Firm

In Texas, we are known for being big: a big state, big trucks, big barbecue, and big state pride. But when it comes to choosing a Texas law firm, bigger isn’t always better. Although it varies by personal preference and your individual case, there are many advantages to working with a small law firm. Here … Continued

How To Get A Car Accident Witness Statement

While witness statements are not always crucial after car accidents, they have proven to be a key piece of evidence when trying to prove fault in personal injury car accident cases. A witness statement, or witness report, contains the words of a person that has no interest or stake in the car accident investigation. The … Continued

If I’m Injured At Work, Is My Employer Responsible?

If you have suffered an injury at your job, your employer may be held legally responsible. Your employer may be required to compensate you for lost wages, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, permanent disabilities, survivor benefits and even punitive damages. Most employers are legally obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, not all workers are covered … Continued

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents In Texas?

With the arrival of longer daylight hours and warm weather, expect to start sharing the road with more motorcyclists. Just like auto accidents, motorcycle accidents occur every day in Texas. While the number of auto accidents is higher, motorcycle crashes often result in a higher percentage of fatalities. In 2015, there were nearly 8,200 motorcycle … Continued