There are more than 250 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States. As the second most populous state, the roads of Texas are always busy, and the larger the city, the worse the traffic congestion and severity of accidents. However, sometimes cars are our only form of transportation from one point to another. We don’t all have the luxury of living above our place of work or down the street from the grocery store or a block away from our children’s school. And while modern vehicles include seatbelts, air bags, voice-activated warnings and even blind spot monitors, we’re still not 100 percent safe. Every 14 seconds, a car accident results in an injured victim, and you or someone you know has most likely been in a car accident. Hopefully, you or your loved ones were not injured and walked away with just a few bruises. However, if that wasn’t the case, did you know that you and your familymay be entitled to compensation from the negligent party?

Driving is a privilege extended by the state of Texas, and it’s a responsibility and freedom that should not be taken lightly, but unfortunately, it often is. Texting and using hand-held phone bans are only illegal for particular drivers or certain zones in Texas. For example, texting and using hand-held phones in school zones is prohibited. Bus drivers are banned from using hand-held and hands-free devices. Beginner drivers are not allowed to text or use cell phones. The Texas Department of Transportation attributed 90,378 crashes to distracted driving in 2012. More than 450 fatalities and nearly 18,500 serious injuries occurred as a result of distracted driving.

Sadly though, laws can’t prevent people from driving irresponsibly, selfishly and dangerously. Running a red light or speeding through a yellow light can cause a deadly collision. If someone fails to stop at a stop sign or yield to oncoming traffic, a serious accident can take place.