How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents In Texas?

motorcycle-accidentWith the arrival of longer daylight hours and warm weather, expect to start sharing the road with more motorcyclists. Just like auto accidents, motorcycle accidents occur every day in Texas. While the number of auto accidents is higher, motorcycle crashes often result in a higher percentage of fatalities.

In 2015, there were nearly 8,200 motorcycle crashes; 5.5% of these involved fatalities, resulting in 459 deaths. On the other hand, out of the 474,162 car accidents in 2015, 1,703 were fatal.


What Is The Main Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents?

Not wearing a helmet is one of the primary causes of motorcycle fatalities. Motorcyclists over the age of 21 are not required by law to wear a helmet. Riders older than 21 may ride without a helmet once they’ve completed a safety course or are covered by insurance.

However, there can be a variety of factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents, such as speeding, road debris, weather conditions, reckless drivers and defective bike parts.


Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Here are several tips to help prevent motorcycle accidents.

  1. Wear proper safety gear, such as a helmet, goggles, gloves and highly visible clothing.
  2. Take professional motorcycle rider training.
  3. Communicate with other motorists by using proper signals and breaking in plenty of time.
  4. Respect speed limits and adjust your speed based on the road and weather conditions.
  5. Stay alert, especially when driving at night.
  6. Pace yourself. Limit the distance of your trip. If you are tired, pull over and take a break.
  7. Don’t drink and drive.
  8. Maintain your motorcycle and have it inspected before long trips.


Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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