How To Deal With Insurance Adjusters After An Accident

When you've been in an accident, call a personal injury lawyer.

After an accident, such as a car, motorcycle or pedestrian accident, there isn’t much time before insurance companies begin to call. Whether you are waiting for assistance at the scene of the accident or you are already at the hospital, emotions are likely running high. When you are flooded with fear, pain and stress, it’s easy to let information slip to an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart and will use whatever you say to build a case against you. Prevent yourself from hurting your case by following these tips.

What To Say To An Insurance Adjuster

When an insurance adjust contacts you, obtain the insurance adjuster’s information. Take down the claim adjuster’s name, address, phone number, the name of the company he/she works for and the name of the person or company he/she is representing. Here are five things NOT to do:

  • Do not release too much personal information. Simply offer your name, address and phone number during the first call. You are not obligated to say any more.
  • Do not discuss the accident. The insurance adjuster will ask you the time, place and other details surrounding the accident. Do not offer information without your lawyer present or without your lawyer’s consent. If you must provide information, stick to the basics, such as the type of accident and the vehicle you were in. Even saying the time or location of the accident could negatively affect your case.
  • Do not discuss your injuries. The insurance adjuster will inquire about your injuries. Do not provide this information without your lawyer present or without your lawyer’s consent. You may tell the adjuster, “I am seeking medical treatment,” but do not release your medical provider’s name. You may tell the adjuster, “I am in great pain,” but do not describe your injuries. Keep it brief.
  • Do not sign any papers. The insurance adjuster may attempt to mail or email you documents. Do not sign any papers with speaking to your lawyer first. Carelessly signing a document may allow an insurance adjuster to access your work or medical records.
  • Do not negotiate. It is not your job to make deals with an insurance adjuster. Leave all negotiations and communication up to your lawyer.

How To Handle Insurance Adjusters

The best way to handle insurance adjusters is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who will protect you and your case. Just one misstep can derail your case and even harm your settlement. That is why is it essential you have a qualified lawyer on your side to deal with insurance adjusters.

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