Steps to Receive Lost Wages After a Workplace Injury


Stress from lost wages as well as trying to recover from an injury can take a toll on a person after a workplace injury. Paychecks are a way of survival. They help cover rent, insurance, groceries, gas and much more, so without a paycheck the bills just add up. If you find yourself in this situation and wondering how to make up for you lost wages, there is a way out.

Part of your injury settlement includes reimbursement for lost income and lost financial opportunities from the person who is responsible for your accident. This includes both the lost income because you were not able to work as well as the time missed because of treatment for your injuries. You have the right to be reimbursed whether you’re a full-time or part-time employee.

The settlement value formula that is applied to special damages includes expenses for lost wages, medical bills, physical disability, pain and suffering, and emotional damages.  After the total amount is calculated in the settlement value formula it is then multiplied by two. The income loss is later added onto that total value, so if the total from your settlement was $300 and your lost wages was $400 then $300 is multiplied by 2 for a total of $600 and then $400 is added onto that for a grand total of $1,000. This total can go up or down and is negotiated.

You must file an incident report with your employer and also work with your employer’s insurance company so that you can receiver Workers’ Compensation benefits. Having a personal injury attorney by your side is very important during this process. They can help ensure you get everything that you are entitled to.