The 5 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

car accident



According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel over 37,000 people die each year in a car accident. 8,000 of those people are drivers ages 16-20. An additional 2.35 million people are injured or disabled as a result of an accident. Car wrecks cost the United States a total of $230. 6 billion each year. Cars are a major source of transportation and every day we put our lives on the line. We have responsibility to not only ourselves, but to the other drivers on the road to take all precautionary measure to avoid accidents and ensure safety. Below are the five common reasons of car accidents
1. Rear ends
Rear end collisions occur when a car hits the car in front of it. This type of accident is a result of distracted drivers, tailgating, or road defects like potholes. They can be minor fender-benders or result in major injuries or even be fatal.

2. Distracted drivers
It only takes seconds for risk to arise when driving. Drunk driving is a serious problem, claiming the lives of over 10,000 people in 2012. Alcohol slows down your ability and judgement. It’s best to stay off the road if you know you have been drinking. Get a sober friend to pick you up or call a cab. Cell phone use while driving is another contributing factor. Approximately 25% of all traffic accidents are related to cell phone use in America. In some states it is even illegal to operate a hand held phone. So if you need to change a song, look up directions or make a call on your phone, it’s best to pull over.

3. Speeding
Exceeding the posted speed limit not only disobeys the law it also puts you and others around you at risk. According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2013, speeding was a factor in 29% of all motor vehicle fatalities.

4. Inclement weather
Water from heavy rain creates slick surfaces and sometimes even flooding which causes cars to skid. Ice and Snow also oppose a threat. Remember to always drive appropriately  in bad weather conditions.

5. Poorly maintained vehicles
Under-inflated tires, wore out windshield wipers and vehicles that are not regularly
inspected are just a few factors that contribute to poor maintenance. This can be a very dangerous on the road. Sometimes cars have defective parts, so it’s best to regular maintain your vehicles so these issues can be caught in a timely matter.