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A traumatic event like a car accident may cause lasting harm to a victim, and a personal injury lawsuit is one of the options a victim has to help pay for medical costs. When you decide to find a personal injury lawyer, you’ll find that there are an extraordinary number of reasons why you might file a lawsuit. Your attorney will take a look at your accident and determine whether you should file a lawsuit. Below, you’ll learn more about the reasons victims may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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Car Accident Lawyer-McKinney TX

With so many millions of cars on the road, it’s no surprise that thousands of collisions happen every single day. Sometimes these accidents are just a bump or a scrape on the front of your vehicle; however, other accidents are serious and cause injuries. Sometimes, a lawsuit is necessary when someone else is at fault, and there are costs like medical bills and auto repair.

In just 2012 alone, there were more than 450 fatalities on Texas roads, as well as more than 18,000 instances of serious injuries occurring after an accident where someone was distracted. If you’re injured in an auto accident and it wasn’t your fault, your lawyer may be able to prove negligence on the part of the other driver. Additionally, your lawyer can help you sue the other party’s insurance company.

Legal Representation for Slip and Fall Accidents

You’ve probably taken a few falls in your life and occasionally slipped, but that’s pretty normal. However, sometimes a fall isn’t just a random occurrence, and there’s someone to blame if you get injured while falling. In an eye-opening statistic, the CDC actually says more than a million Americans take a tumble each year and get injured in some way. Unfortunately, around 17,000 of those people who fall, die because of their injuries.

Older adults are particularly susceptible to injuries sustained while falling, but it’s something that can happen to anyone. For example, perhaps you’re watching your daughter’s soccer team from the bleachers at the game, and they suddenly give way. If you get injured, you might want to consider a lawsuit against the owner of the field and bleachers.


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Bicycle Accident LawyerBicycle Accident Lawyer

If you’re able, bicycle riding is a great way to get active each day, and it also offers the opportunity to commute to work without putting a strain on the environment. Whether you cycle for work, transportation, or play, there are a variety of dangers you must remain aware of while on the road. It’s your responsibility to bike safely and utilize features like helmets and bike lights, but there are times when a bicycle accident is the fault of a negligent automobile driver.

Although bicycle riding is increasing in popularity each year, many vehicle drivers aren’t yet ready to share the roads with bicyclists. Some accidents may call for a personal injury lawsuit. It’s common for vehicles to switch lanes without checking first for bicycles and motorcycles, which leads to devastating accidents.

DWI Accident Victims

A conviction for driving while under the influence of alcohol is a black mark on a driver’s record, and it’s terrible when a person’s decision to drink and drive results in injury or even death to another party. Impaired drivers may suffer from distorted depth perception, slow reaction time, and even blurred vision. It’s not hard to understand why the threat of an accident is high when someone gets behind the wheel while drunk.

If you’re injured because someone was foolish enough to take to the road while intoxicated, it’s your right to take them to court and make sure they pay for their decision. Although it can feel difficult to relive the accident during a trial, it’s important to consider legal action to help in the recovery process.

walking across streetMcKinney Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Imagine you’re walking on the sidewalk with a friend and a car suddenly careens off the road and onto the curb, injuring you and your friend. Was the accident due to the driver’s negligence? This is what your attorney will help you determine. Perhaps the driver had to swerve to miss a child who ran out into the street, which led to a tragic accident. Or, maybe the driver had too much to drink and fell asleep at the wheel.

By examining the facts of the incident, it may be the case that the driver’s decisions were to blame. In such circumstances, a lawsuit might be the best option you have to recoup medical costs and get paid for the time you spent out of work while injured.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle is just like driving a vehicle. It takes practice, awareness of the road, and confidence. However, motorcycle drivers are at increased risk of injury while on the road because they’re not as protected as automobile drivers by things like steel safety cages and airbags. If you ride on a regular basis, you know that there are several dangers that you encounter each time you head out and that injuries from an accident may be severe.

However, even if you’re experienced with years on your bike, accidents are something that can happen to anyone. Sometimes it takes a lawsuit to ensure you receive enough money to pay for your medical bills, as well as to pay for the mental trauma of experiencing a terrible accident.

Premise Liability Lawyer

As a rather contentious and vitriolic type of lawsuit, one that involves premise liability can involve heated testimony in court, as well as emotional depositions given before trial. When you’re injured on property that belongs to someone else and you decide to go to court with a lawsuit, you’re often facing the monetary power of a corporation, a municipality, or someone with ample resources put toward legal counsel.


Man Falling Down Stairs

When you meet with a lawyer for the first time, you’ll explain your circumstances and he or she will offer you an opinion on whether there is a chance to prevail in court. For example, if you visited a park and were injured when the gazebo collapsed, it’s possible the owner of the park could be at fault, even if it was a city-owned property. The manufacturer of the gazebo could also be at fault.

Wrongful Death Attorney-McKinney TX

It’s incredibly difficult to experience the death of a loved one, but it’s even more traumatic when the circumstances surrounding the death could have been prevented or were due to negligence. There are endless scenarios where you might have a wrongful death claim including bicycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, and negligence due to faulty construction of buildings or machines.

It’s difficult to think about a scenario where a loved one dies because of another person’s negligence, and you must find the courage to speak with a lawyer if you feel someone else was at fault for your loved one’s death. For example, what if your spouse died in an accident because of a faulty part manufactured by the car company? A wrongful death suit could make those responsible for the accident pay for their negligence.

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in McKinney

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s essential that you ask: “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?” even if it feels like you’re recovering without too much pain or disruption to your daily life. The reason personal injury lawsuits exist is to make sure those who do wrong are made to pay for their actions. Speaking with an accident attorney is the first step you’ll take to determine whether you should file a lawsuit.

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