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Accidents of all kinds occur every day from automobile accidents caused by a sleepy driver to slip and fall accidents that happen because of negligence. Asking yourself, “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?” is something you need to do before your wounds have healed because you only have limited time to file a lawsuit. As you attempt to get your life back to normal, a personal injury lawsuit could be the best way to recover emotionally and financially from negligence. Consider the following information to help guide you as you consider questions to ask a personal injury lawyer.

personal injury lawyer car accidentFrisco Car Accident Lawyer

With hundreds of millions of registered vehicles on the roads in the United States, accidents occur every day in every major metropolitan area across the country. There are thousands of miles of roads in Texas and many circumstances that may result in an accident. You have to watch out for distracted drivers, drunk drivers, driving and texting, and even road hazards.

If you’re trying to recover from an accident, it’s important to consider whether filing a lawsuit might be in your best interest. Somewhere over 90,000 crashes happen in Texas each year due to distracted driving. If you were hit and injured because someone was driving and texting or fell asleep behind the wheel, your best move could be a personal injury lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Attorney

It’s not uncommon to trip or take a light tumble every once in a while, but sometimes a fall is more than just an innocent accident. Sometimes, there’s a party to blame when there are injuries sustained because of a fall. You may feel clumsy and embarrassed when you fall, but the fall wasn’t necessarily your fault. It’s important to consult with an attorney to see if your circumstances call for a lawsuit.

There are a few types of slip and fall lawsuits. One type is where you don’t fall a great distance and is called a same-level fall. For example, this type of fall might occur when you slip on a wet tile floor in a restaurant. There are also elevated falls, which mean you fell from a distance of about ten feet or less. Perhaps you were sitting on the bleachers when they collapsed.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer-Frisco TexasBicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycles are fun for recreation, and they also serve an important option for commuters who want to pay less money to get to work and engage in an earth-friendly transportation option. While many cities have opened their arms to bicyclists with safe bike lanes and laws, other cities aren’t so bicycle-friendly. Taking a bicycle out can be a fun experience, but it can also result in a terrible accident.

Many victims of cycling accidents are children, and you may need to think about a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your child if there was an injury sustained during an accident. Filing a lawsuit is a nerve-wracking experience, but that’s one of the reasons your attorney is with you in court to represent you.


Have you been injured on someone’s property or in an auto accident? Have you lost a family member due to wrongful death? You need legal representation that you can trust and rely on!

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DWI Accident Lawyer

One of the most devastating types of accident is one where a drunk driver crashed and caused harm to another party. Drunk driving is 100% preventable, and it’s an inexcusable event, particularly when it injures someone else or causes disability. Despite strong campaigns over the last few decades urging everyone to get a designated driver if they’re drinking away from home, DWI accidents are still one of the most common reasons why collisions occur.

A lawsuit may help you recover the costs associated with replacing your vehicle, as well as the monetary loss of missing work or paying for alternative transportation while you don’t have access to a vehicle. A lawsuit may also help you pay for medical bills.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Frisco, TX

Stop sign on side of school busThe physical battle of person versus vehicle in an accident is never going to come out with the person on the winning side. When a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds plows into a pedestrian, there are often disastrous and life-threatening results. Despite crosswalks, stop signs, and safety signals, pedestrian accidents still occur on a regular basis on Texas streets.

Drivers must yield to pedestrians, but unfortunately, some drivers believe they can quickly speed through an intersection instead of observing the rules of the road. Impatience and inexperience often lead to accidents where a pedestrian is injured. Whether your injuries are life threatening or not, a personal injury lawsuit may be an important next step.

Frisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Hopefully, you ride your motorcycle with confidence and the knowledge that you’re following the rules of the road. Defensive driving may help you avoid collisions. However, even the most vigilant riders may encounter a poor driver or someone who isn’t used to sharing the road with a motorcycle. If you’re injured because of another driver’s negligence, you may need to file a lawsuit.

Other circumstances may exist where a lawsuit might be appropriate. For example, if the city was negligent in providing proper signage during road work, your accident could be the local municipality’s fault. Your body is susceptible to significant harm when you crash on a motorcycle, and significant medical care might be necessary. A lawsuit may help you pay for medical costs.

Premise Liability Attorney

Man Falling Down StairsThe owner of a business that welcomes customers has a duty to provide a safe environment for visitors. Unfortunately, accidents may happen where the owner of the property is at fault. Imagine you’re headed into an office building for a meeting, but there’s a puddle on the floor from a problem with the pipes. If you slip because no warning was given regarding the wet spot, the owner of the property could be at fault.

Remember: your accident need not be life-threatening to warrant legal action. A lawsuit helps you recover costs associated with your accident whether it put you in the hospital, put your car out of commission for a month, or impacted your mental health and well-being.

Frisco Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death lawsuit is a difficult legal proceeding to experience. No one wants to relive the death of their loved one during a trial, but sometimes it’s necessary to endure a lawsuit to ensure that the responsible party pays for his or her actions.

Even if the other party is already heading to criminal court to face felony or manslaughter charges, you can still file a lawsuit against him or her for financial restitution. Doing so may help you find closure after the loss of a family member.

It is essential to understand that personal injury lawsuits aren’t solely for obtaining financial compensation for physical injuries. Suffering loss of work, property, or mental faculties also constitute harm. You’ll want to find a personal injury lawyer swiftly after your accident. A car accident attorney has just two years to file your case, so it’s essential that you don’t delay your choice to file a lawsuit.

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